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  • Power-Talk-Austria-mit-weißem-Rand

Dienstleister Kategorie: Sprachen und Vereine

  • Training in English Communication Skills

    • You have once learned English?
    • You want to improve your skills?
    • You are looking for a challenge?


    Through regular participation in Club Trends you will have the opportunity to “learn by doing” in a small friendly group and receive sympathetic advice about ways to improve.


    Club Trends offers you an opportunity for:

    • Personal development
    • Self improvement
    • Meeting friends


    We encourage you to learn:

    • How to make speeches
    • How to present yourself
    • How to combine pleasure with learning


    We are a non profit club ( The annual fee depends on the expenses (room rent etc.) There is no charge for visitors who will not be pressed to speak unless they really wish to do so.

    Each meeting we have a certain topic. According to this topic members prepare something from 1 min. to 1 hour, (speech, grammar, quizz etc.). Each member either on the lectern or in the audience gets a say.

    Meeting time: twice a month on Thursdays, 6:45pm – 8:45pm Meeting place: Vereinsheim Kleinmünchen, Dauphinestraße 19 4030 Linz Tel: Paula 0664 5792162

    Guests are always welcome at our club, just drop in.

    Programme Motto 2018 – 2019: Sharing Life Experience


    September 20                   A new beginning

    October 4                          Bill Gates – Microsoft

    October 8                          Dream and Reality

    Council Meeting 1 Graz

    November 8                     Carl Djerassi – the birth control pill

    November 22                   A problem well stated is a problem half solved

    December 6                     Christmas Meeting



    January 10.                         Alexander Flemming – Penicillin

    January 24.                         Laughter – Tears – Jokes

    February 7.                         Kindness– Cruelty

    February 28.                       SPEECH CONTEST

    March 14.                           Laziness and Activity

    March 28.                           All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening

    Council Meeting 2 Salzburg

    April 11.                               Zuckerberg – Face Book

    April 25.                               Youth has a passion for regarding their elders as senile

    May 9.                                   News or Fake News

    May 23.                                 Henry Ford- Assembly Line

    June 6.                                   Happy Ending




    There are 2 more clubs in Linz, 1 in Vienna, 1 in Graz and 1 in Salzburg.

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